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What Is The Phoenix Kite Collective?

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 Its about getting back to grass roots….. it’s quite simply ,flying kites and having fun.

It’s to show what can be done when we all get together.
An expanding group of flyers who get it! who understand its about flying kites.
A place where you can meet up with kite flyers and fly all of the kites in the bag.
In many ways the base of this idea is… Brookings Harbor Kite Festival.
One of the only kite festivals where kite flyers get to fly all the kites.
They collectively showcase different styles and works of art. Interspersed with excellent sport kite demos.
We intend through sponsorship, donations and patch sales, bank robbery and looking pitiful to fund a truly open kite bag policy.
Steve and Bazzer will build the first few kites and over time we, expect/hope, others will contribute.
We will be pursuing the idea of kite happenings.
Letting a group of flyers create pictures in the sky in strange locations for amazing photos. (as in the Asteroid fly at Antelope Island and at the AKA)
Simple ideas like a flying a large kite.

Then handing extra lines attached to the main line to the crowd.

When you release the tension on the main line they are all part of that flying experience.

These are not new ideas. They have been done before but they are important because they worked . They got people involved.
To help turn indoor fly’s into community happenings. To co exist with individual demos.
To start to bring new people into what we love rather than leave them on the edges.
Maybe even some of the old ones back that have been pushed away by stupid arguments.
That “Brookings ” feeling amongst flyers is what has disappeared.
Some of you have been lucky enough for that experience. It’s about time everyone did. Not just at Brookings.
Having been members of a successful Quad team has left us looking now from the sidelines thinking what just happened.

How can we get these people involved.
Somehow the kite world is full of, us and them and stupid internal bickering… enough!
We feel that this is our personal way forward.
This is just a beginning.
Where it will lead who knows?
It could just all fall apart.
It might just take off.
The adventure begins.
There is a line in the sand ….do you cross it and make difference?

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