"Glued To The Blue"

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Photo By Bob Alford

Kites and Designs by Bazzer

I was born in Hampshire in England and have been building kites since 1991. I feel that I am now into my stride as a designer. I design and build kites for my enjoyment, not for others. I am very glad if you like them and would be happy to sell you some if you so wish.

My prices are fair to me as the designer and maker and also you the buyer. I do not mass produce and what you will own will be one of a limited few in the world.

My kites are for the connoisseur and not the beginner . I suggest to anyone who is starting to fly single line kites that you cut your teeth on some of the excellent mass produced kites. Learn your kite flying craft.

The mass produced kites will help you to appreciate the higher end of kites. You learn to appreciate finite detail and craftsmanship. More importantly, you will learn what you like and what you don't like. Once you know that, come back and see me. During the first few years of kite flying we learn many things about the wind, ourselves and the importance of stable flight.

Once you have experienced great flying machines you will always look for them. Please look through my designs and gallery and see some of my creations.

The gallery pages also include the work of other well known kite makers who are also willing to make bespoke kites for you. Please view their galleries and contact them directly about their work.


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